Breeding French Bulldogs is our passion. At the first place we breed for ourselves, to be able to bring a fine Frenchie in the showring and to breed with it in the future.

A beautiful, social and healthy dog is very important to us and while playing with our puppies we prepare them for shows. We only want the best for the puppies that don't stay with us so we always try to find a good home for them where they can enjoy of a nice, fine and loving doglife.


When we have puppies, they stay in the whelping kennel with their mum until they are 4 weeks old. Afterwards we move mum and the puppies to our room kennel where they can learn a lot about life: noises of the household, they get to know our other dogs, they meet other people and children,... This room kennel is not in a barn somewhere in the back of the garden, but in the middle of our living room, so that we can always keep an eye on the puppies



We don't have any kennels and our dogs are all living in our home with us. They have a lot of space outside to run around and play with each other - we only want the best for our precious darlings.

At night, everybody has its own place to sleep in our night kennels.




If you are interested in a "Van Marver's Fortuna" pup, you will have to convince us that you are worthy to own a Frenchie. We don't always have puppies for sale, we only breed a few times a year out of carefully thought over combinations.